Privacy Policy

USG Boral respects your legal rights to your privacy of your personal data in ordinance with the (Personal Data Protection Act 2012) PDPA in Singapore and (Personal Data Protection Act 2010) PDPA in Malaysia. We are committed to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring your personal data is protected. All data submitted and collected will be with the consent of the person.

Data Collection
Data collection will be in the form of submission via virtual (via web sites and emails) or physical forms.

Security and Protection of your data.
We will not leak / distribute your data to unrelated parties. All data collected will only be accessed by authorized personnel only. We do not practive any disclosure or use and other unlawful forms of processing your data.

Data Usage
Personal data is collected for the purpose of :

  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Customer Enquiry and Request
  • Customer Service Purposes
  • Notifications of new product, events and promotions

Disclosure of Data
Your personal data may be disclosed by USG Boral to third party services providers or agents engaged by USG Boral to run or execute for the purpose mentioned above. We do not practice renting or selling your personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes without your explicit consent.

Updating your personal data
At anytime, you may login to our system to amend or update your data with the provided login credentials provided by USG Boral. You may also contact our personal data administrator at for the amendment or removal of data.

Retention of Data
We will store your data for the period of time needed in order for the purpose mentioned above to be fulfilled.

Password Policy

The password policy of the system has changed. We are now embarking on a more secure working environment for everyone.

Please proceed to change your password by going to the Settings->My Info page or click